Membership is open to anyone - male or female - who owns or has access to a motorcycle. Membership can be acquired by filling out an application and completing a prospect phase. Applications can be filled out and scanned / emailed to Chiefs MM one-time membership fees are $150 per person. We encourage everyone to register with the AMA (American motorcycle association) and submit your AMA member number on your application. Prospective members are eligible to participate as they demonstrate evidence of striving to adhere to these guidelines. 


  1. Members should be practicing Christians who embrace our statement of faith and our values, and regularly attend his or her local church.
  2. Members should maintain a current and valid motorcycle license and motorcycle insurance.
  3. Members will complete an application and pay membership fees upon submitting application.
  4. Public drunkenness of a member will not be tolerated.
  5. The abuse of illegal drugs or prescription drugs will not be tolerated.
  6. Vulgarity, off color humor, and promiscuous behavior by members will not be tolerated.
  7. Violence and/or threats of any kind will not be tolerated.
  8. Members will not wear or display anything that is dishonoring to God.
  9. Members will be allowed to carry a concealed firearm when and where it is legal.
  10. Members, while wearing their patches, will not open carry even when it is legal by state law.
  11. Members will not openly expose any kind of weapon.
  12. Members who are consistently absent from participation in chapter rides and ministry events will be contacted by chapter president to determine whether you will remain in the motorcycle ministry.
  13. Members who do not communicate with or cannot be reached in a six month period will be suspended and ownership of all patches will be returned to the Chiefs.
  14. Anything with the patch displayed should only be sold or worn by patch members.
  15. All patches will remain property of the Chiefs MM and will be returned when leaving ministry unless voted otherwise.
  16. Patches are to be worn to all official functions (we encourage you to wear your patches every time you ride).
  17. Patches will never be defended with violence (if you are requested by another motorcycle club to remove your patch you will do so without further discussion or attitude). This is for the safety of our members.
  18. Do not use the Chiefs patch for your social media icons or profile picture on social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc. To do so implies that you speak for everyone in the ministry. You may, however, use a photo of yourself wearing the patch, but not so close up that all that is seen is the patch.
  19. Patches are to be treated with respect, not mistreated or disregarded. They are to be worn proudly as a sign of commitment and love for Jesus Christ.
  20. All members are required to abide by the Chiefs bylaws. Failure to do so will result in a documented warning as agreed upon by the Chiefs officers.
  21. Any member that receives three documented warnings within a two year period will be subject for immediate dismissal from the Chiefs.
  22. Members are required to always show respect to others.
  23. Patches are to be worn to all Chiefs meetings, rides, functions and events.
  24. Never drink or buy alcohol while wearing your patch.
  25. Members should ride with respect for all traffic laws.
  26. Officers and Original 6 are responsible for all business affairs in consideration of members' input.
  27. Chiefs make no distinction between men and women in terms of membership or what kind of bike you own.
  28. The wife of a husband can also be a patch member and does not have to own a motorcycle as long as additional membership is paid. If spouse does not own a motorcycle, membership can be purchased at a discounted rate.
  29. Officer Rankings- Founder – President –Vice President – Secretary – Road Captain - Recruiter
  30. New officers can be voted in every two years.
  31. We will always have a good time and serve the Lord.